Crownover and Estes: Out of the Hot Seat and Into the Fire

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Crownover’s Bad Week

Myra Crownover, the Republican who represents District 64 in the Texas House of Representatives, flattered us yesterday in an email blast to supporters with an extraordinary compliment:

Believe me, the Democrats in Denton County are on-line and they are shaping the debate.

It hasn’t been a good week for Rep. Crownover. On Monday, Politifact Texas rated her claim that she had increased funding for education as “Pants on Fire!” When she tried to double down on her absurd statement on her Facebook page by claiming that according to her math, she was right, things got ugly. Republicans and Democrats alike lambasted her complete refusal to admit she could even make a mistake.

Denton Hot Seat

"The Hot Seat" Logo with a woman in a blue top and necklace (Myra Crownover) at right and an older man with goofy glasses (Craig Estes) at left.

Image courtesy Texas Tribune.

This morning, the Texas Tribune hosted a “Hot Seat” event with Rep. Crownover and State Senator Craig Estes, and we were there to greet them. After editor-in-chief Evan Smith grilled the two on their massive cuts to education, he allowed questions from the audience.

Rep. Crownover and Sen. Estes danced around every issue, blaming Pres. Obama’s Affordable Care Act for their own budget shortfall. When our political director asked Rep. Crownover to name an instance in history in which cutting from education actually helped students and teachers, she couldn’t give a single example. When Mary K. Brown, candidate for District 64 in the Democratic primary, asked a question, Crownover and Estes tossed the hot potato around until they had filled the room with as many “uhs” and “ums” as possible.

When another supporter asked Sen. Estes about his views on the invasive transvaginal sonogram mandate, he later told her privately that her views would lead to those of Adolf Hitler.

“Shaping the Debate”

Rep. Crownover’s panicky email blast the day before the event was right: we are shaping this debate. But we aren’t interested in “attacking” her “conservative values”.  We just want her to understand that this isn’t about her values; rather, it is about the education system in our state, one that she gutted during the last legislative session without considering any alternatives.

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